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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beautiful bridal session in Historic Downtown Charleston, SC

I had a beautiful bridal session in a private residence in historic downtown Charleston. I was a lovely historic house with amazing lights and made a beautiful backdrop!

My bride ended up ordering this one in a huge canvas that was displayed at her wedding reception. It looked beautiful if I do say so myself.

We were luckily in walking distance to lots of beautiful places to use as a backdrop for the session!  

Of course my beautiful bride didn't need all those backdrops, just a plain simple background and a glowing bride make for a beautiful portrait.

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  1. She is stunning!! I would have ordered a huge canvas too!

  2. What a gorgeous bride!!! I bet she absolutely loves these!! :)

  3. Beautiful wedding ... you did a fantastic job

  4. What a beautiful bride!! You did a great job! I'm sure she absolutely LOVED them!

  5. Beautiful session. I love how clean your shots are!!!

  6. Beautiful! Love the first one! :)


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