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Friday, December 30, 2011

Proud momma and photographer

I am a proud momma and photographer today. My photo of my daughter was purchased to be used in ads for Easy Canvas Prints.
I know she is cute but it seems like other people think she is cute too!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paige & Preston: Charleston area newborn photographer

Welcome to the world little ones! These are the newest precious children of one of my good friends. I actually just photographed their older brother a few weeks ago for the family Christmas card (here) and apparently his siblings wanted some of the limelight.  They decided that they wanted to be here early for Christmas. Very early!
They decided to make an appearance on December 23 at a mere 31 weeks of age.
Apparently Preston was in a hurry and nothing anyone could do was going to stop him. It would appear that his sister Paige was not as happy about her grand entrance but she is learning to deal.
They were both a little over 4 lbs when they arrived and being so early they are getting to spend some time in the NNICU but they are doing amazing. Now at not even 1 week old they are already on room oxygen and doing so great! They are very determined little ones.
According to Mom and the NNICU nurses little miss Paige definitely lets her opinions be known and is a feisty one, just like her momma (I can say this because I know her momma, Love you girl!)

Mister Preston was apparently ready to come out and meet the world and he is very content now that he got what he wanted. Seems that he didn't like being squished by his sister and wanted his own space.

Once these 2 little ones get a bit bigger and are released I will be doing a proper newborn photo shoot with them but I wanted to capture the first few days of their life so mom and dad would always have those memories.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Staples Family: Charleston area family photographer

This past weekend I met up with the Staples family at the James Island Yacht Club to take some family pictures. Mom wanted some updated photos to make canvases to hang in the house to replace some that were done pre Stevie.
It was such a lovely location and such a wonderful, energetic family!
It was so much fun capturing all the personalities in this family.

Thank you again Angie, Steve, Cari, Caitlyn and Stevie for the pleasure of taking your pictures!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Emma 6 months: Charleston area children's photographer

Its that time again, another session with little miss Emma. Ths month was her 6 month photo shoot and Christmas photos all together. You can see her other months here here and here.  

She is such a little tiny girl! She is so happy and smily. She never seems to get annoyed or angry and is so agreeable!

She was not all that thrilled about the Christmas outfit but she tolorated it pretty well.

However the tutu was mighty tasty

Merry Christmas!
See you next year miss Emma!