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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Newborn feature: Silver Bee Photography

I am really excited to feature Hillarry with Silver Bee Photography and her fabulous tips on how to photograph twin newborns.  She specializes in natural light newborn photography and also enjoys photographing maternity and baby sessions as well.  Her studio is located in Austin, TX.  Her work is amazing and she has a very natural and organic style of photography.  Please be sure and follow her on Google+ to see more of her precious little subjects.  You can also see how she works with newborns in her awesome video on Youtube.  Pinterest fans can find her boards if you just can’t get enough of sweet little baby photos.  


Well, hello there!  I’m excited to be featured here and hope I can help with some tips on photographing twin newborns!   As many of us know, newborn photography takes quite a bit of basically you have to have double the patience with newborn twins.  
The first bit of advice, is that you have an assistant.  This helps keep the babies happy at all times.  Not only does this help you out, but it also gives momma some time to rest and have a break.  

Second, remember to always photograph each baby individually as well.  Parents like to see details and differences of each baby.  I begin photographing the bigger of the two individually and then I gently “stack” the other as above to get that adorable together shot.  Be sure to keep both babies in focus, either by increasing your aperture or taking two photos, one of each baby’s eye levels and then creating a composite photo if needed.  If you can keep their eyes on the same plane, you should be able to capture with a low aperture and have both in crisp focus.  

Third, if the babies don’t like tummy shots, you can almost always tuck them side by side on their backs.  Again, just take your time and be patient.  It works great to have your assistant hold one baby’s arms and legs in position as they settle into the pose.  Use a wrap to keep them nice and tucked so that they are comfortable.  
And lastly, use different props or wraps to show gender differences.  Keeping your images simple and clean will give parents those adorable features that they love in each baby.  

If for any reason, that babies won’t tolerate skin on skin, then the wraps are easy fixes.  Twins often spend some time in the hospital after birth and aren’t used to being next to one another once the photo session comes around.  So this is always a great option in that case.  

Hopefully you have learned something new and again, just remember to be patient and don’t rush.  The babies will cooperate for you if you remain calm :)  Thank you again for the feature and look forward to seeing some wonderful twin newborn images!

Thank you so much Hillary for the wonderful information! Be sure to visit Hilliary and leave her some love!


  1. The warm tones are so lush and beautiful! And the models are pretty adorable too!!! Great work.

  2. Those twins are gorgeous! As is the photographers use of light. Lovely in all aspects!

  3. What beautiful babies. Twins are such a challenge to photograph! You did an amazing job!

  4. Wow! These are gorgeous! I have a twin shoot coming up in a few months, and even though my work is mostly lifestyle, these are wonderful tips. Thank you for sharing!

  5. These twins are amazing! Such great tips on how to photograph them!

  6. This is amazing! Thank you for the tips!

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