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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paige & Preston: Charleston area newborn twins photographer

 Here is the full session of these 2 sweet little babies! These guys were the easiest newborns I have ever had the pleasure of taking photos of! I was expecting it to be slightly more challenging since it was 2 babies but theses guys took it easy on me. I also took photos of them in the NNICU when they were just a few days old. It is amazing how quickly they grew and got released from the hospital. They were born a few days past 31 weeks and they were only in the NNICU for 2 weeks! They are a pair of determined twins these two.

 The twins grandma made these adorable hats for them to wear. I begged her to make me some to have, are they not the cutest hats ever?!

 A pair of proud grandparents!

And of course momma and the little ones!
I can't wait to watch these 2 grow up.

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